Australian Tax Specialists Based in Sydney, Glenfield and Brisbane, has long been servicing doctors and dental practices for over 10 years. We realize that as a doctor or a dentist your main priority is your patients, and you need an Accountant who can keep your tax and accounting affairs up to date and provide you with appropriate guidance. We specialise in this sector, and we provide maximum value to Doctors, Dentists and their business.

Because of the excellent service we have continued to provide to our clients in the medical industry, over the years, we have received steady referrals and are known as Accountant for Doctors among our medical clients !

Why should a Doctor or a Dentist Choose Australian Tax Specialists?

We make it easy for a small business owner or a consultant doctor ! A busy business owner usually want to know if there is a problem, solution for it and guidance to avoid future risks and problems.

Australian Tax Specialists fully understands that Accounting & Tax for Doctors and dentists are specific to their profession, and we offer tailor-made medical accounting services in Sydney and Brisbane to assist your practice to grow and thrive.

Tax & Accounting Risks for Doctors and Dentists 

These are some common Risks we regularly see with Doctors and Dentists Taxation Affairs

• Set up structure for Doctor or Dentists practice is set up with no asset protection in mind

• Set up structure for Doctor or Dentists practice is not setup for Tax optimisation

• Set up structure for Doctor or Dentists practice is not setup for future growth or admission of new partners in mind. This is what shoots many businesses in the foot when they expand.

• Personal Services Income tax not correctly completed by previous accountants, which is a massive risk element for the taxpayer.

• No Exit strategy in mind with potential sale of the practice in mind.

All the above are potential major issues down the track, a star-up medical practice may not sense this at inception but will very likely be a problem down the track. Luckily, we have solution and can assist medical practices restructure.

Our Services for Doctors and Dentists

Australian Tax Specialists provide a number of tax accountant services that are unique to your medical or dental practice. Our team is highly qualified in all aspects of tax and accounting services, and we pride ourselves in being able to complete all the complex tax and accounting matters with ease leaving you to concentrate on your practice and growth.

• Start-up Business and structure advice
• Buying or Selling a medical practice ? We provide valuation service to help with your purchase or sale.
• Setup cloud based Accounting system for your practice. XERO Accounting Systems.
• Ongoing Accounting Service
• Monthly Business Analysis – is your business profitable and accompanying advice
• Annual Tax Preparation
• Tax Planning 

Australian Tax Specialists understands the requirements of a successful medical practice and dental practice, and we provide above comprehensive service to make your life easier.

Why would Doctors and Dentists need a Specialists Accountant?

Accounting & Tax for Doctors is a Niche area because of the unique tax law requirements applying to Medical Professionals. As Doctors and medical professionals are among the highest earning group, your taxes and closely reviewed. Therefore, we recommend only deal with an accounting practice who has experience.

All our accountants are qualified Chartered Accountants. As CA’s we have an obligation to continuously maintain our knowledge with up-to-date legislation, case law and rulings. Remember when you engage an accounting practice with Chartered” designation, you are hiring the best of the best due to the rigorous training Chartered Accountants are put through. You only need to look at the top 20 firms in Australia, they are all Chartered Accounting practices.

 Australian Tax Specialist employees have had a vast experience in this sector, which gives us the ability to service medical Industry with its specific business and taxation needs. Our friendly Tax accountant For Doctor in Australia have excellent experience and come from the Top 10 International Accounting firms. We have the technical knowledge and skills to service Doctors and Dentists with all their Business Services.

Some of the professions we service in Medical Industry

• Doctors
• Physicians
• Dermatologists
• Pathologists
• Dentists
• Surgeons
• Radiologists
• Psychiatrists
And more

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