If your or your business is being Audited or reviewed by ATO, we can assist with representation.

Are you or your business is being Audited by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) ?

Are you or your business is being Audited by the ATO, or received a letter to be reviewed ? If that is the case, we at Australian Tax Specialists can help you or your business with ATO Audit representation.

Do not go through an ATO audit Alone. Get in touch and we can help with all ATO Tax Audits.

 Even if we have not prepared your tax return, we can still represent you.

How do we provide ATO Audit Representation for Small Businesses & Individuals ?

Prepare Case Defence
Once you present all the facts to us, we will prepare a defence for your ATO audit. Usually this is the form of a report that is submitted to ATO.

Liaise with ATO
We will present ourselves as your Tax agent, and represent you with the ATO. All queries will be directed to us and we will respond to ATO queries in consultation with you. 

Tax Legislation & Case Law
With Taxation matters, there is always technical accounting elements and a mixture of Tax legislation & case law involved. We will source these where relevant to your situation and prepare relevant answers to ATO queries.

Who do we help with ATO Audit Representations ?

Small Business

We are very detailed in our approach to ATO audit representation & help for a small business. We work with the management team of the business to review all the facts and then prepare a defence report. On the report any relevant tax legislations and Case law is presented.

Individual Tax Payers

Individual Tax payers most often will receive a request for a review rather than an Audit. A review is basically a request to review with appropriate answers to contents of your tax return. If you have prepared your tax return yourself, and are unsure of items with regards to tax legislation, then get it contact. Our approach to ATO audit assistance for Individuals is similar to a business. We will prepare a Case defence, Liaise with ATO on your behalf and as a third step provide specific tax legislations and Case Law as part of your defence.

Additional Matters

We will take an initial consultation with you and review the ATO queries.

Suggest a planned approach to the Audit or review 

We Provide a fee estimate prior to commencing any ATO Audit 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How ATO audit process work?

Very likely something in your tax return would have triggered an Audit or a review. Initially ATO would make specific enquires and request further information. The Audit or the review process will generally evolve from this. Remember with Answers from a qualified accountant or a tax agent would go a long way to help your case. We would not advice to go at it alone.

Have you won many cases ?

Yes ! We have represented a number of  Small businesses and individual tax payers with ATO reviews and Audits. We review each case with a very detailed approach. Please remember each case is unique and there is no guarantee on the outcome. 

What are the rates of your services?

This is based on complexity and the level of query from ATO. Our fees will be usually be calculated based on Time allocated to your case.

What if we did not prepare your Business Tax

Thats fine ! Even if we did not prepare your tax return we can assist with ATO audit representation. 

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