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How Does Our Online Tax Return Process Work ?

Step 1

Enter your personal details in the form Link below. Please include all your details so that our Tax Accountants can properly assess in order to represent you as a client with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Step 2

Once we have all your details. We will contact you for a phone consultation and confirm a fee estimate for our service.

Step 3

Upon taking you on as a valued client, your tax return will be prepared by us.

Step 4

After we have prepared your Income Tax Return, it will be emailed to you to verify and approve for lodgement with ATO.

Step 5

- Payment to be cleared with us upon completion of work but before lodgement.

- Your Tax return will be processed by ATO within 10 business days, and any tax refund will be directly deposited in your Bank Account.

Other Info

Please note : The way this service works, is that our accountants are preparing your tax return for you. This is not an automated service, thus reducing any risks to you.


You will need to fill in your details on the form, and you will receive a call back from us within 24 Hours. Alternatively call us on (02)8091 4054. Email: [email protected]

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Your message has been sent successfully, I hope to respond within 24 hours. You can also contact us on 02 8091 4054 if you like.

Pricing & Packages for Online Individual Tax Returns

Choose an appropriate package for you
Please note the above are a guidance. We provide upfront guidance on all tax returns once we have spoken to you


From $190 + Gst

❖ Simple Tax Return

❖ Salary & Wages

❖Dividends & Interest 

❖Simple Tax Deductions 

❖ We stay as your regular accountant throughout the year


From $250 + Gst

❖ Tax Returns with additional service; including some tax advice.

❖ Salary & Wages

❖ Dividends & Interest

❖Motor Vehicle Expenses

❖1 x Rental Property

❖ We stay as your regular accountant throughout the year


$400 + Gst

❖ Complex Tax Returns

❖ Sole Trader Business Schedule

❖Includes Tax Advice

❖For Crypto Currency Trades

❖ Standard Share Trades 

❖ 1 x Rental Property

 ❖ We stay as your regular accountant throughout the year

Frequently Asked Questions on Individual tax return

How long will it take to complete my tax ?

2 - 3 days, provided we have all your tax data. Please provide all tax info when we contact you to confirm.

What do you specialize in?

We help with tax payers in almost all industries. But the common industries we complete fair amount of tax returns are for Construction industry, Lawyers, Retail and Financial Planners.

What are the rates of your services?

Please see above rate as guidance. After we speak to you, we will provide you final fee estimate on an engagement letter for you peace of mind.

Is this safe ?

Yes ! After our consultation, the client will be provided with an Engagement Letter, outlining our agreement with you, on areas such as work involved, privacy etc.

Tax Tips

- Keep track of your work related expenses
- Keep track of any travel expenses, Professional membership expenses.
- Any education related expenses for work

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Tax Planning Service

Our Offices in Sydney CBD, Glenfield & Brisbane provide Tax Planning strategies for Sole Traders, Individual employees with Rental Properties and business owners in the months between April to June. So that you can action the strategies we have for you in action by June.

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